๐ŸŽ‰ A New Job with UTAC.

The “vacation” is over! I accepted a role with UTAC as an IT System Administrator at their Northville, Michigan office. This will be a fun and exciting change from the world of Linux and Web Hosting, which I have been immersed in for what seems like an eternity.

Not only will the responsibilities change, but I will also now report to an office outside my home for part of the week. I am looking forward to the commute as I figure it will allow me to get caught up on some reading (audiobooks), and this also gives me a reason to dust off my Spotify account and perhaps upgrade to the premium account again to avoid some commercials. The interactions with people face to face are also going to be a change from the previously random Zoom/Google Meet meetings that I was accustomed to as well!

What is UTAC?

I was going to write about the company but figured there was no reason to reinvent the wheel when they already wrote up a pretty darn good description.

UTAC is a market-leading international group in digital & sustainable mobility, customisable testing solutions, customisable testing systems, vehicle engineering, type approval, regulatory advice & expertise, certification, training, corporate events and classic & sportscars festivals

UTAC LinkedIn Profile

With the new career change, the posts here will likely start to steer away from hosting and WordPress-related postsโ€ฆ then again, it might spur my creativity as I won’t be doing that full-time anymore and might rediscover the fun in blogging again.