👋 Saying Hello Again.

I have been running the same site more or less since 2005 when I switched things over to fauxzen.com, and honestly, a lot has changed since then… well a lot outside of the site itself. It has gone through many different theme changes but the content has always been sitting there slowly decaying to become less important and worthwhile.

With that being said I decided to fire up a new domain, and import all of the previous content from my main blog, as well as the various other sites I maintain. Once everything was in central locations I took the time to move everything over to Drafts rather than being published and will slowly be going back and re-publishing old posts (Once I clean them up) that are still relevant.

Looking back over the decades of posts there are certainly some that will never see the light of day again, and shouldn’t have graced the internet with an appearance originally for that matter 🤣

I do plan on trying to minimize the site install as well with as few plugins as possible, while still maintaining functionality which I am hoping will be the “fun” part of this whole project.

Until then subscribe to the RSS feed (I will never let RSS feeds be forgotten) or check back often for updates both old and new.