🔒 Switching to Proton VPN

Proton VPN - Logo

With recent changes that Mullvad had made to service, mainly the removal of their port forwarding it was time to look for a replacement. I landed on the VPN service from Proton, which I had used their Free tier on multiple occasions in the past.

I had been a fan of Proton for a long time (Though I never could commit fully to using them, I still liked what they were doing.) so when it came to start looking they were on the top of my list.

The app on both iOS and macOS is really well done, in both ease of use as well as the overall UI that they provide. I have used a handful of other VPN services over the years on different platforms and pretty much all of them look to have been made by a developer that either didn’t care or know any better when it came to design.

The Proton VPN interface is straightforward and lacks the additional clutter, but that does not mean it is not fully featured they simply placed the settings and options where they should be in an easy-to-access place but not right in your face confusing the end user on how to just get connected.

Outside of the look and feel, it just seems to work. I am still testing things out across the board but the speeds over the Wireguard connection seem to be pretty on point with a vanilla Wireguard install that you might setup from scratch.