Server Rack - March 1st, 2023
Server Rack – March 1st, 2023
  • Synology 8 bay NAS DiskStation DS1817+ – Over the years, I have gone from a Drobo, homebuilt server, QNAP, and finally, the Synology. This has been an excellent NAS; I wish I had gone this route.  The only issue is that I wish it were a Rackmount version though that would have increased the price by another 1-2k which is not worth it.
  • 8x WD 12TB Hard Drives – Total available storage is currently 72TB.
  • NavePoint 18U rack – The most recent upgrade, so much nicer than having everything on a baker’s rack.
  • Ultimate Dream Machine Pro (UDM-Pro) – To keep my network as fast as possible and with the newest hardware, I upgraded to the UDM-Pro and am glad I did. It has helped me to max out my download and upload speeds.
  • UniFi Switch – 24 Ports Managed (US-24-250W) – This was also an upgrade, as I didn’t account for future devices. I started with an eight-port switch, then 2, and then three before finally selling them off and replacing them with this beast.
  • 2x UniFi 5 port switch (USW-Flex-Mini) – I wanted to bring some hardwired locations to various areas of the house, and this helped in doing so with their small footprints. 
  • 6x Unifi6 Pro (U6-Pro-US) – With more and more of the devices on my network having Wi-Fi6, it was only a matter of time until it made sense to upgrade all of the access points to utilize Wi-Fi6.
  • MetroNet 1GB Fiber Internet – After waiting two years, MetroNet finally finished their build-out in my area. It was well worth the wait as it is a fraction of the cost of Xfinity and the stable speeds that they provide are simply fantastic.