• PostmarkMailGun was my goto for years, but when they changed the pricing model and locked down many of the features that I used (And barely used at that), I knew it was time to find another service, and after a search, I landed on Postmark. For $10 a month, I get 10k emails with multiple domains and services.
  • – Evernote was my go-to note app until they decided to bloat their app with every possible feature. is a minimal replacement for Evernote and gives me the features I need across all my devices.
  • Google Docs – While I do not use Google Docs often, sharing documents with others in an easy-to-use fashion is still necessary.
  • Synology Drive – While I had been using NextCloud for a while via Docker, it worked great but also started to be a bit more than I needed for simple filesharing on my network. I switched to Synology Drive, and it has been working great.
  • Wave – I have switched around when it comes to invoicing software. While I did enjoy InvoiceNinja recently, I decided to move on as I was not really like where the development was/wasn’t going with the recent release. A client suggested I look at Wave, and I am glad they did. It seems to work perfectly for my needs and presents itself with a nice and clean interface too!
  • Slack – This is my primary form of communication, both for personal and work-related topics. I stopped using Skype, Google Chat, etc.
  • Dropshare – I switched to this as I was interested in self-hosted software rather than a service like Droplr. So far, it has been working great and keeps a local copy on my network, so I have it for backup.