AirTags, and what to do with them?

I picked up some Apple AirTags a while back and put one in my laptop bag, on mine and Nicole’s keychains, in my wallet, and even one in my truck (Figured it could help with finding my truck in a parking garage or something lol).

However, I now have 3 more sitting here gathering dust and I haven’t the slightest idea on what to do with them. I have thought about hiding them in the kid’s backpacks just in case they misplace them, also attaching them to our bikes as well but I feel they would end up getting lost somehow, and then there would be a hunt trying to find the lost AirTags.

I even went as far as spending a short period of time Googling for creative uses for Apple AirTags and sadly, there are not many creative uses outside of what I had already mentioned. Guess I will just have to keep brainstorming and keeping an eye out for new creative uses that are actually useful, until then they will keep sitting on my desk.

*Thanks to Roger for pointing this link out. I might have to try out automation soon!