🎧 Apple AirPods Max

The other day I was having a discussion on audio, mainly headphones, and decided to look into the Apple AirPods Max on a suggestion from a friend.

While my AirPod Pros have been working great, I wanted to give over-the-ear headphones a try as I can’t think of the last time I had a pair. I should take that back I do recall, I think they came with the “new” portable CD player way back in the day, but those were garbage so hardly comparable.

I have had them for almost a week now and have been using them at my desk for Zoom calls, as well as some music not only on my Macbook but on my iPhone. The other day I had them on for around 2hrs total while listening to some meetings as well as audio from my AppleTV and the only issue I ended up having which was not all that bad was that my ears did get a bit warm during that time.

Apple AirPods Max

Other than the warmth the overall quality of the hardware and the audio seem to be great. I look forward to using them more and getting a better feel for them over time.

… on another note, after reading this over I really might have a problem with purchasing Apple products.