Ultimate Dream Machine Pro

Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro Upgrade

In a previous post, I had mentioned how my internet had been “upgraded” by Xfinity and how to install speediest-cli ...

iTerm2 - Adobe Source Code Pro Font

Font: Adobe Source Code Pro

I recently had a conversation with some friends about their terminal setups, and one of them had a really nice-looking ...

WP-Rocket Logo

Does my WordPress site need a Caching Plugin?

The answer is maybe!, of course, depends on who you host with, and even then I would probably sway toward ...

Pi-Hole Logo
Hardware Linux

Headless Wifi setup on the Raspberry Pi

If you are looking to have a headless Raspberry Pi setup that you can get configured 100% remotely right after ...

Hardware Internet

Installing speedtest-cli on a USG-PRO-4

I received an email from today Xfinity/Comcast letting me know that they increased my internet speeds, all for free. I ...

Broken Glass - Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi on Unsplash

What to do in a home break-in?

Well, one thing you should not do is head down the stairs to investigate the sounds when you are half ...

Lots of Dish Soap

Soap for life!

Ok well, maybe not for life but I do have enough hand and dish soap to last me for quite ...

WordPress Logo

Securing your WordPress site

When it comes to securing your WordPress site there are many ways to go about doing just that. Please allow ...

Homebrew - Install lsusb

Install lsusb on macOS

For anyone that is using/has used Linux you are likely already familiar with lsusb, which is missing on macOS. Well, ...

NYC Train Sign
Hardware Linux Technology

Repurposing the NYC Train Sign Project

A couple of years ago my friend Jeff was cleaning out his storage unit and he came across the NYC ...

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

Over the summer a friend had suggested that I take a listen to the Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. I decided ...

Chris Griffin

Chris Griffin R.I.P my friend.

After Peyton was born he used to joke about how he was her godfather no matter what I had to ...