Building a railing

So this is likely to be up there with one of the least exciting posts I could possibly come up with … but anyways here we go!

We recently switched our homeowners’ insurance and auto over to AAA entirely as it actually saved us a few hundred over the course of the year. Sadly even with that, we got a call from our AAA representative after they sent someone out to take pictures of the exterior of the house.

Our back porch has eight steps that lead up to another section that wraps around the house, and there is no railing on it. Nor has there been in all of the years that the porch was in place. I was told we needed to add a railing for safety else the policy would risk being terminated.

That brings us to me first buying a premade railing kit (Which didn’t even have all of the parts unless you buy the other railing to wrap the rest of the porch in). I ended up returning it and buying some 2x4s instead as that part of the deck is not even stained or anything so this would blend in better, and in the end, cost a 3rd of the price.

I ran into only a couple of issues with a handful of the screws that instead wanted to be stripped from the drill instead of going in all the way. This will be something I can address on a couple of screws come spring when it’s a bit warmer out to be working on things like this.

In the end, for about $40 total I think it turned out all right, part of me wants to continue it all the way around the porch… I will keep that idea in the back of my head for when I want another project.