🎒 Decided on a new Laptop bag

Manhattan Portage Deluxe Laptop Bag

Over the past 6 months or so I have been looking for a replacement laptop bag for my Macbook. I have been a picky shopper when it has come to choosing a new one.  While my last one was a great bag, the strap on it was just subpar, and eventually ended up feeling like it was trying to see through my shoulder when I was walking around with it. I initially tried to find a replacement strap, but surprisingly coming across one that was better than the current one and matched it somewhat ended up being near impossible.
With the issues of finding a new strap, I was left to look for an entire replacement for the bag … what a hassle this has been (I think it goes back to my requirements for a new bag).  The main thing I have been looking for is something minimal while still being somewhat functional.  I was also looking to find a small form factor bag as I didn’t want to feel like I was toting around a duffle bag for my 13 laptops.  I came across quite a few nice bags, but they always seemed to be made for a 15in+ laptop, which would lead to a decent amount of extra space that I was trying to avoid.  The other day while looking around once again I ended up coming across the Manhattan Portage 13-Inch Deluxe Computer Bag. It looks like I had found a winner. I read a few reviews and looked over the dimensions of the bag and it looked pretty slick. It had enough room to hold my 13 Macbook Pro, iPad, charger, and a few other cables, while still looking minimal. I have an upcoming trip here where I will really be able to test it and give a follow-up review.