🚲 DuoTrap S Sensor

Last week I dropped my bike off at the shop to get not only new pedals installed but also a DuoTrap S sensor since spring is right around the corner.

On my previous bike, I had a speedometer which while it worked, was kind of a clunky install. This is where the DuoTrap S sensor comes into play, as my bike was designed to use this. The installation itself is sleek and fits into a spot on the bike so it’s out of the way and unintrusive.

This sensor not only tracks speed but also cadence as well, and there is no need for an actual computer on the handlebars since it sinks with various apps on my iPhone. Having it sync with my phone is also handy since it cuts down on the bulk since I always carry my phone with me even when biking. Another perk of this setup is that it syncs all the information with Apple Health so I have all of the daily information in a central location.

Now just have to wait until the snow melts so I can actually go out and ride!