📆 Handling the scheduling of Draft Posts in WordPress

With the recent start of the 100 days of blogging challenge that I am participating in with a few other coworkers at Kinsta, it got me thinking about how will I ever manage all of these scheduled posts. The way I am attacking this challenge is simply by creating a bunch of draft posts on various subjects and then scheduling them to be auto-posted once I have completed them. While doing this for a handful of drafts might not be that big of an issue but when you start to think about managing at least 100 posts if not more (Depending on how crazy I decide to get) this can be quite an issue given the lack of a good heads up display in the WordPress dashboard.

I started my search for a calendar plugin to manage all of the posts, really the only other requirement that I was looking for was the ability to drag and drop posts on this calendar so I could visualize some of the multi parts posts that I had been dreaming up.

I came across a few options, some were free but either hadn’t been updated in ages or were lacking some of the basic features in them. I also came across a few paid ones, and while I have no issue paying for plugins I also knew that after this challenge was over I would likely not use the plugin again … well that is unless I really got in the habit of continuing to blog which sure I suppose that could happen.

I finally stumbled upon PublishPress, while it is a paid plugin the free version works exactly as I needed. I originally installed Edit Flow, but again it had not been updated in some time and looked dated. Upon installing PublishPress I started to notice how much alike they were, except PublishPress had a much nicer UI. Come to find out that Publish Press is actually a 100% exact fork of Edit Flow with a cleaned-up UI, more features, and updated on a regular basis.

So far I have only hit the tip of the iceberg with PublishPress but for anyone looking for a way to manage multiple posts on your site with a calendar this might be the option you are looking for, and if you have multiple authors working on the posts they do offer add-ons that will help keep your team on the same page with the posts!

I am sure over the course of this challenge I will have another post discussing how things are going with using PublishPress and if I still end up suggesting it at the end.