🚶 How far did I walk in 2022…How far did I walk in 2021…

In May of 2020, I did a step challenge with some co-workers, you may recall I also did the 100 days of blogging challenge (Which I am also doing again!) Since then I have continued to collect data using my Apple watch and other devices connected to Apple Health. Just as I did in 2020 I am again making a post for How far did I walk for 2021!

As mentioned before all of these numbers were tracked via my Apple watch series 6, which I try to wear from the time I get up until I head to bed though this year I attempted to track water intake, weight, and blood pressure. I hope to continue this trend and hopefully as technology allows adding in even more information over the coming year(s). Previously I had used this handy iOS app that let me export all of my health data to a CSV file but they have not updated for the latest iOS and it simply crashes when trying to export. After doing some searching I came across the Health Export app which while not exactly the same as the previous it still does a good job getting me the data I need, and the author of the app is quick to reply to questions and suggestions which is awesome.

Photo by Maulana on Unsplash

And just like how I did this before once I had the CSV and imported it into Google Sheets Numbers, I created a totals row and used the SUM function to generate the totals for each dataset. Alas without further ado here are the results.

Total Steps

Total Flights

Total Miles

Heart Rate
84.84 avg

Water Drank
718.4 gal

124.28 mi

As I said in 2020, I am going to say again… I am interested to see what kind of numbers I end up with at the end of 2022!

*As mentioned some of the numbers may not seem too high, or exact but that was because I was not always tracking them. I plan to do a better job this year on measuring this data.