💍 I did something else…

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Nicole's Ring
Nicole's Ring
💍 I did something else… 2

… I put a ring on it. After first meeting Nicole in 6th grade at Kinawa Middle School and having the biggest crush on her (Including always trying to be at the same place at the same time as her). Not to mention even working alongside her in High School when the opportunity came up to get a job at the local Dairy Queen where she was a manager (So I already had an idea of how the married life was going to be from an early point with her ha!)

It’s a great feeling to know that we will finally be together forever and always after all these years.

We have been through a lot in these last almost 3 years since I moved back to Michigan to pursue something that we should have had going back to Okemos High School and shortly after in the college years, we not only bought a home together in August but have a whole new adventure ahead.

And Nicole while I don’t know when you will read this (Since she rarely reads my blog) I want to say that I love you always and forever and you have made me a very happy man. Here is to the start of the next chapter in our lives, I can’t wait!