Excerpts from my life outside of the Internet.


πŸŽ‰ A New Job with UTAC.

Shelby DeNike

The “vacation” is over! I accepted a role with UTAC as an IT System Administrator at their Northville, Michigan office. ...

Tacoma Hills Lagoon - April 2023 Flood

🌊 Tacoma Hills Lagoon – April 2023 Flood

Shelby DeNike

I finally decided to dig out the drone to capture a shot of the Tacoma Hills lagoon from above before ...

Flooding on April 5th, 2023_ 4

🌊 Flooding in March 2023

Shelby DeNike

So while these pictures are anything but epic, I figured I would snap a few as well as a video ...

🌱 Spring Break 2023 – Florida and Disney World

Shelby DeNike

This year for Spring Break we decided that we would finally get away rather than sit around; we chose a ...

Phillips Sonicare Diamondclean 9000

πŸͺ₯ Sorry Quip, it’s time to break up.

Shelby DeNike

A while back, I had a Sonicare toothbrush which was great until I dropped it, and it was no more. ...

Person Walking - Photo by Tegan Mierle on Unsplash

🚢 How far did I walk in 2022…

Shelby DeNike

In May of 2020, I did a step challenge with some co-workers; you may recall I also did the 100 ...