🖨️ Living without a printer

There was a time when I didn’t have a printer and that lasted for a very long time. When starting my first business I went all out and purchased and all in one with a sheet feeder scanner as I wanted to go all digital. As more time went on I couldn’t imagine NOT having a printer, as I not only used it for the scanning of any and all documents and photos but often times printed return labels, concert tickets, etc.

It has been a little over a month now since the last printer died and I decided not to rush out and replace it. I could tell it was on its last leg about a month prior but it kept holding on. I lucked out (or so I thought) by coming across a free color laser printer that was being given away for free by a gentleman that had recently retired and shut down his business. While it was a beast of a printer (Weighing well over 70lbs with the additional paper tray) I figured this would be a great upgrade… and while it was during my tests, it was just old enough to not have updated printer drivers for macOS and of course, after a week of fumbling around with printer tests the drum started to show some issues

That was the moment that I said screw it and decided to part ways with the trusty Epson Workforce 845 that had served me well, so well that it was actually the second one that I owned as the original one got damaged in the back of a Uhaul during a move.

The timing was pretty good I suppose, as the trash was due to be picked up a few days later so I was able to reset the printers, and dump them just in time for that week’s garbage.

So back to the month without a printer, it has actually worked out pretty well. There has been only one instance where I thought that I needed something printed and was able to have Nicole’s Mom print it for me… ended up not even needing it so I am not counting that instance as a real problem.

Summer is almost here so it’s not as though the kids will have any school work that needs printing, and these days they have school-assigned Chromebooks for all of their school work that they turn in anyways, so maybe the time has finally come for where the need of a printer is no longer a need anymore.