🚲 Looking at a new bicycle

While I know winter has just started here in Michigan so likely does not make much sense to go and buy a new bike that I won’t be able to ride until spring, part of me thinks that I should bite the bullet since bicycles have been hard to come by during the pandemic.

2013 Trek Marlin

I had a perfectly fine working 2013 Trek Marlin mountain bike that I sold the other day, but am now looking for something that performs better on the road as I just don’t need a mountain bike like I did when living in Boulder, Colorado.

Trek FX 2 Disc
Trek FX 2 Disc

The 2022 Trek FX 2 Disc model that I have been eyeballing would certainly suit my needs much better as all of my riding these days is done on the street, sidewalks and just riding between here and East Lansing, or Downtown Lansing at this point. I have no need for the front suspension, and honestly, I was never much of a fan of it in the first place as it felt weird to have that bit of cushion under your hands.

I did check with the local bike shop and they currently have the exact model I want, but again having a hard time pulling the trigger mainly since it will more or less sit in the garage for a few more months without me being able to ride it. However, I am also thinking that having it now at least sitting there is better than when spring gets here and all the shops are sold out until the end of summer.