May step challenge

Person Walking - Photo by Tegan Mierle on Unsplash

Alongside the 100 days of blogging challenge I also signed up for a month of May step challenge with some of my co-workers.

Now that the month is over, it is time to tally up my steps, which were tracked via my iWatch. I came across a handy iOS app that let me export all of my health data to a CSV file. Once imported into Google Sheets, I created a totals row and used the SUM function to generate the totals. Below are the results.

Total Steps

Total Flights

Total Miles

While I did not come in first, I think overall, those were some pretty good numbers, especially since I work from home and move of the steps accounted for me walking to and from the kitchen … kidding.

And now that I have the ability to export all of my steps, flights, etc dating back to 2014. I think I will need to create export it all hope to see that I have improved over the years.