🌡️ Monitoring temperature in the aquarium

I currently have two temperature sensors set up within the aquarium, one on the left side and the other on the right both hooked to the Raspberry Pi fish feeder. The one located on the left is near the filter, while the other is near the heater.

Right now they are not being logged or monitored but I intend to log these to a database, likely running every minute, and then will graph it out to see how the temp fluctuates over a given period.

The script itself right now is very basic as shown below

temp_filter_c=`cat /sys/bus/w1/devices/28-000006738761/w1_slave | tail -n1 | cut -d '=' -f2`
temp_filter_f=`echo "scale=3; $temp_filter_c/1000 * 9.0 / 5.0 + 32.0" | bc`
temp_heater_c=`cat /sys/bus/w1/devices/28-00000673acb8/w1_slave | tail -n1 | cut -d '=' -f2`
temp_heater_f=`echo "scale=3; $temp_heater_c/1000 * 9.0 / 5.0 + 32.0" | bc`

echo "Filter temp: " $temp_filter_f
echo "Heater temp: " $temp_heater_f

The script itself queries the sensor and then converts the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit.