Revisiting ValetPress


I was chatting with my co-worker Adrian the other day about some code that he was working on, and it got me in the mood to revisit some of my old ValetPress code. I haven’t really gotten into much coding over the last couple of years as my role has not really called for it, and the other code that I run on my own Digital Ocean server has been purring along just fine, and while I have not been coding really at all I can certainly see some room for improvement.

With that being said I have started to refactor some of my old codebase and began cleaning up code as well as adding new features. One of the main interests I have outside of new features is also optimizing and speeding up the functions. I am trying really hard to not complicate things by adding too many new features, though it is tempting to keep building on top of what I have I think that I might branch out and create some modules that can be enabled/disabled with the current code so that anyone using it can craft it to their own specific needs.

Also while I am not putting too much time into working on this I hope to push out some new updates to my ValetPress script here before the end of the week.