🐋 Installing Docker on Ubuntu Server 20.04

Docker Logo

I was looking to set up a new server for a caching service that ran via Docker but the first step was to get Docker set up on a new Ubuntu Server install so I thought I would document the steps I took to get it installed, mainly for future reference so I don’t have … Read more

🐳 Docker issues with NFS mount

Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe

I recently upgraded the Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD drive in my home server to a Samsung 970 Plus NVMe drive for faster read/write speeds but ran into some issues after the reinstall with the NFS mount and Docker. The issue that I was having was that with the added speed of the NVMe drive, … Read more



Setting up Lancache on Ubuntu 20.04


With the recent upgrade to Fortnite, I saw that the bandwidth at the house was being saturated with these 17GB updates going to 3 different Playstations. With that being said I started to think there had to be a way to set up a local report, or a cache to serve all the updates/installs to save not only bandwidth but also … Read more

🎬 Plex Wrapped

Plex Wrapped

This app was pointed out to me as a way to mimic the Spotify Wrapped thing that they do every year, showing you the most listened-to songs, top artists, etc on your Spotify account but instead with Plex! Plex Wrapped taps into the data generated by Tautulli and presents them to you on a “nicely” … Read more

🎬 My Plex Server

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Not only have I been a long-time Plex user, but I have built a few Plex servers over the years and I wanted to outline my newest setup. It is quite a beast, especially compared to the previous server which was a 2012 Mac Mini that I only used out of simplicity but in the … Read more


Profile I am a seasoned WordPress support expert coming from a hosting background with system administration experience. I have worked for multiple hosting companies and have been part of the IT industry for 18+ years. I have helped with the building out of data centers as well as migrating from metal hardware to cloud-based platforms. … Read more