🎷 WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy” Released

WordPress 6.2 - Dolphy

While I was out of town having my first “real” vacation in a few years, WordPress decided to release version 6.2, so I am a little late to the party in posting about this. WordPress 6.2 was named “Dolphy” after a jazz musician named Eric Allan Dolphy Jr. who from my short reading looked to … Read more

Does my WordPress site need a Caching Plugin?

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The answer is maybe!, of course, depends on who you host with, and even then I would probably sway toward using one. Why? My host already provides serverside caching! While that might be the case you can still often benefit from using a caching plugin as they tend to offer other bells and whistles that … Read more

πŸ”’ Securing your WordPress site

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When it comes to securing your WordPress site there are many ways to go about doing just that. Please allow me to outline a few basic things that can be done to help secure your site outside of having a secure hosting provider for your WordPress site. Choosing a Host As mentioned the first thing … Read more

πŸ–ΌοΈ Optimize images for WordPress

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When it comes to optimizing your site there are a few things that should be done, in my book the first is properly optimizing the images that you upload to your site. I always stick with the mentality that I am my site(s), pages, or posts for someone that is on a 3G connection or … Read more

πŸ“† Handling the scheduling of Draft Posts in WordPress

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With the recent start of the 100 days of blogging challenge that I am participating in with a few other coworkers at Kinsta, it got me thinking about how will I ever manage all of these scheduled posts. The way I am attacking this challenge is simply by creating a bunch of draft posts on … Read more

πŸ›’ WordPress Black Friday Deals 2021

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Every year the WordPress space has some awesome Black Friday deals when it comes to Themes, Plugins as well as Services. Below I will attempt to keep an updated list of some of these great deals on Themes, Plugins and Services that I stand behind and personally have used over the years. Themes Generate Press … Read more

βš™οΈ WordPress : Perfect Setup

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With working in the web hosting industry I get a lot of questions on how to minimize load and prevent comment spam. I thought that I would do a quick little write-up of what I have found to be the best ways to head off these issues, many of which I use here myself. First … Read more

New Service: Migrating from Townsquare Interactive

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So I should start off by saying this is in no way a direct bash towards Townsquare Interactive and the WordPress hosting that they offer, as I am sure in many ways it is a great option for many small businesses that are needing to get online and have an all in one package with … Read more

Move my site from Townsquare Interactive

If you’re one of the many frustrated Townsquare Interactive customers experiencing slow website speeds and limited customization, I can help. As an experienced WordPress migration expert, I’ve helped numerous clients move away from Townsquare Interactive and onto a full WordPress install with a reliable web hosting company of your choosing that will not hold your … Read more


βš™οΈ Using WP-CLI to maintain multiple sites over SSH


Not all hosts provide a simple way to update WordPress Core, Plugins, or Themes within their control panel so that leaves you logging in to each WordPress install one by one to push updates (Of course you can enable auto-updates in WordPress these days). There is another way of going about this if you like … Read more