🧼 Soap for life!

Ok well, maybe not for life but I do have enough hand and dish soap to last me for quite some time. Turns out there was a price error at Meijers on some hand and dish soap that was on clearance. One was .38 cents off while the other was .30 cents off, sadly someone must have entered it into the system wrong as one ran up as .30 cents while the other was .38 cents.

Since there was no limit I bought 3 cases of each, and am not the proud owner of 60 bottles of dish soap, and 36 bottles of hand soap. The cashier did look a little surprised when she saw the total of only $33.58, with a total savings of $74.76!

I unpacked a few of the boxes and then figured I would stop as what I had unpacked should last me a good couple of years so why overload the storage area with more bottles ha!

Dish soap unpacked in the storage area.