📞 Switching to Visible from Google Fi

I have been using Google Fi for over a year now on my iPhone, but since moving the service was just not cutting it. I often found myself standing next to the door, window, or even in some cases on my porch in order to make/take a call. Also with the iPhone, I was not able to utilize Wifi calling so it kind of put me into a tough spot.

I think a lot of the issues with this were due to how Google Fi makes use of Sprint and T-Mobile cell towers, sadly on the iPhone it only utilized T-Mobile which is spotty here in Okemos, and well just about everywhere in the area.

I originally liked the idea of Google Fi due to the lower costs, and for someone like myself that never really makes use of cellular service, it should have made sense. While using Google Fi it did end up cutting my bill by about $40 – $60 a month depending on travel (The bill is normally $35, but they tack on $10 per GB of data up to the first 6 GB).

A friend of mine suggested that I give Visible a try, it is owned by Verizon and uses all of their towers which if you have ever had Verizon you know the coverage is great, and for only $40 a month total (Tax included) I figured it was worth a shot.

I used his referral link during the sign up which got him a month for $5 as well as my first month for only $5 as well, hard to pass that up! The sign up process was dead simple, and I chose to use the eSim option so the activation took all of 10 minutes or so to complete.

However I did run into an initial snag as I was looking to port my number over and during the process, it did not provide me the option (Perhaps I fat-fingered something) but I reached out to their support and they were able to clear this up for me.

The first day I tried out the service all around my house and when I was out and about, and it worked 10x better than my Google Fi previously had worked.

Sadly the following day I woke up with no service on my phone at all, I restarted it, and still no go… I was about to reach out to their support when I decided to open the Visible app up again, it prompted me to reset my line which I did and instantly had service. This was the only issue I have run into with them, and it was thankfully (Knock on wood) the only time that will happen again.

Overall I have been impressed with the service, and being unlimited for everything I need it for I don’t think I will be switching to any other provider soon. I constantly have between 2-4 bars everywhere inside my house, and all other services work great including the wifi calling.

Check out this page, it has all the info you need to know about joining Visible. When you use my friend code, 3qs6Z6, you’ll get your first month of service for only $5!

They also offer a pretty cool feature called Party Pay. When you have 4 people or more join the party it lowers your bill to $25 a month each! And all billed separately which is awesome so nothing changes on that aspect. If you are looking to join one you can join mine that I have set up here.