☕ Taking a break from caffeine

person making latte art

I have been noticing that my caffeine intake has been through the roof; on most days, I am hovering at close to 4x the recommended FDA daily caffeine intake.

With that being said, I was planning to slow my roll and then take a break from caffeine starting on February 1st, but on the morning of January 15th, I decided to take the plunge and stopped cold turkey.

The first day I went without, I had a massive headache and had to go down at around 7:30 pm, where I stayed until I fell asleep that evening. In the following days, I got a headache around the afternoon, and with some water and Tylenol, it eventually went away. Around the 4th day, I had only a faint headache in the morning, and then it faded, and I have been fine since.

Don’t get me wrong, that first Friday, when I was sitting alone in the office, I was craving some coffee, but I pushed through. I ended up trying some decaffeinated coffee we had for the Keurig at home that weekend and was not impressed.

I gave decaffeinated coffee another try when I passed through Starbucks after the gym in the morning, and it hit the spot in regards to wanting a warm drink that satisfied my tastebuds.

I don’t plan on never drinking coffee or energy drinks again; it’s nice to let my body reset and know that I can get through the day without the need for copious amounts of caffeine surging through my system.