๐Ÿ’พ QNAP TS-1273AU-RP Upgrade

I recently upgraded to the QNAP TS-1273AU-RP from my trusty Synolog DS1817+ that has served me well for years. I started to make the move to a rack when we moved into the house, and figured this was the next swap that needed to take place to complete that setup. I have 12x12tb drives in …
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๐Ÿงน Format USB drive from macOS command line

If you are ever needing to format a USB thumbdrive on macOS from the command line, this will get you going. The first command will show you the drives so you can figure out which one is the USB. You will want to swap out DRIVENAME for what you want to name the USB drive.

๐Ÿ’ป Mounting Samba share on Ubuntu

I’m mainly noting this here for myself, but perhaps someone else will find this information handy. Install package cifs-utils Create folder to mount the share into Create a file with user credentials in your home directory. Edit the smbcredentials file Edit /etc/fstab Add the following line (edit where necessary) You can now mount the samba …
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๐Ÿ’ป Mullvad error on ohmyzsh update

When I was running updates on my system, I kept getting this error about Mullvad It looked as though when Mullvad was removed, it never fully removed itself from my system. Thankfully, the fix was as easy as grabbing the Mullvad macOS uninstall script from GitHub and running it, which properly removed all of the …
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