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Synology 8 bay NAS DiskStation DS1817+_008

Synology DS1817+

While looking over the analytics of the site I noticed a large influx of people coming to the site while ...

iPhone 14 Pro Max
Apple Hardware Technology

iPhone 14 Pro Max Upgrade

I recently upgraded to the new Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max from my iPhone 11 Pro max, which I have ...

Ubiquiti G3 Instant

Ubiquiti G3 Instant Camera Setup

I recently was able to grab a couple of Ubiquiti G3 Instant Cameras… and then I couldn’t stop myself from ...

Ubiquiti G3 Instant

Ubiquiti Protect

In my previous post, I mentioned how I upgraded my home network with the Ubiquiti Ultimate Dream Machine Pro, which ...

Ultimate Dream Machine Pro

Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro Upgrade

In a previous post, I had mentioned how my internet had been “upgraded” by Xfinity and how to install speediest-cli ...

Pi-Hole Logo
Hardware Linux

Headless Wifi setup on the Raspberry Pi

If you are looking to have a headless Raspberry Pi setup that you can get configured 100% remotely right after ...

Hardware Internet

Installing speedtest-cli on a USG-PRO-4

I received an email from today Xfinity/Comcast letting me know that they increased my internet speeds, all for free. I ...

NYC Train Sign
Hardware Linux Technology

Repurposing the NYC Train Sign Project

A couple of years ago my friend Jeff was cleaning out his storage unit and he came across the NYC ...

LED Light Strip
Hardware Technology

A cheaper Phillips Hue LED strip

While I am a huge fan of the Phillips hue lighting system, it is expensive there is no doubt about ...

Pi-Hole Logo
Hardware Linux

Setting up SSH on a headless Raspberry Pi

Along with setting up Wifi on your headless Raspberry Pi, you should likely set up SSH as well else the ...

Fish Aquarium
Hardware Technology

Automating my aquarium

Years ago I purchased a decent size aquarium, around 36 gallons if I recall. Shortly after I started to travel ...

Server in Rack - Open

My home lab setup

The topic of what exactly I have in my home lab comes up often enough that I figured I should ...

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