🚲 Trek FX 2 Disc… it’s mine now.

After selling my 2013 Trek Marlin I was on the lookout for a hybrid bike for cruising around the sidewalks and streets rather than trails. In my search, I came across a 2022 Trek FX 2 Disc as it seemed to have great reviews and fit the bill when it came to the requirements that I was looking for.

The main things I was looking for when it came to a new bike were the following

  • Hydraulic disc breaks
  • No suspension
  • Road tires but not a 100% road bike
  • Less weight

While my Marlin was certainly not a heavy beast it was still a bit heavier than I wanted, also I never used the suspension so why look for a bike with that again? I also wanted tires that were closer to road tires as I didn’t need the knobby tires and those were a bit loud too. Lastly, while I had disc brakes on the Marlin they were not Hydraulic which stop on a dime, that’s exactly what I was wanting.

Now I am just waiting for the snow to melt so I can start putting this to use.