Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro Upgrade

Ultimate Dream Machine Pro

In a previous post, I had mentioned how my internet had been “upgraded” by Xfinity and how to install speediest-cli on the Ubiquiti USG Pro 4 in order to get some speed test results. Since dealing with that issue I took a look at my networking setup and what upgrades could be made to not only prolong the use of the equipment but also in order to stabilize the connection that I currently have and be ready for a future upgrade to fiber when available in my area.

Since I had some buyers lined up for some of my old equipment I figured I would bite the bullet and upgrade the Ubiquiti USG Pro to the newer Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro. Outside of all of the upgraded specifications that the Ultimate Dream Machine provided it also supported a higher throughput while also allowing you to enable the deep packet inspection and security features that when enabled on the previous device would severely limit the connection speed allowed.

As you can see the speed test run on the Ultimate Dream Machine are a huge improvement over the 300Mb/33Mb that I was initially getting day over day on the USG Pro 4. This was a worthwhile upgrade to my network as far as I am concerned due to the amount of bandwidth our household uses on a daily basis.

Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro Upgrade 1

And while the Ultimate Dream Machine Pro may not be for everyone, it also allowed me to decommission the Unifi Controller that I was previously running on an i5 Mac Mini, and due to some of the built-in filtering that the Dream Machine offers I was also able to retire my Raspberry Pi 4 running Pi-hole.