Ubiquiti G3 Instant Camera Setup

Ubiquiti G3 Instant

I recently was able to grab a couple of Ubiquiti G3 Instant Cameras… and then I couldn’t stop myself from getting a handful more (6 in total now). I have been dabbling for a while with getting cameras set up in order to have some home security to monitor the various entrances to the house, and at $29 apiece I figured if they were not that great then it would not be much of an investment and could always send them back.

After I had received the first two and spent only a few minutes getting them connected (Not because I was in a hurry, but Ubiquiti has really made it that easy to adopt a new camera with their iOS app) and from there I was hooked. Again not only due to the easy setup, but also because of the quality of the video, and images in both the web app as well as the iOS app. As mentioned I ended up grabbing 4 more and am now looking to add one or two more but outdoors this time around to monitor the front of the home as well as the back.

I would post some images of the web app, but seeing that I don’t want to reveal where all of the cameras are at since they are supposed to act as security cameras you will simply have to do a search for them on your own. But I can say it is a very clean, minimal, and easy-to-use interface that provides all of the information that you need right where you would expect it to be.

If you are looking to add cameras to your setup and are already on a Ubiquiti setup such as the Ultimate Dream Machine Pro, then have a look at their offerings, especially the affordable G3 Instant Cameras.