🛠️ Migrating from Townsquare Interactive

So I should start off by saying this is in no way a direct bash towards Townsquare Interactive and the WordPress hosting that they offer, as I am sure in many ways it is a great option for many small businesses that are needing to get online and have an all in one package with SEO include, Google Ads, etc but sadly it’s not for everyone and its NOT easy to move off their platform.

Due to the reasons stated I thought it would be best to offer a migration service from Townsquare Interactive as it is something that I have personally had to do for a few clients over the last couple of years and those clients were likely not alone in needing this service.

Since Townsquare Interactive has a proprietary platform based on WordPress; the service includes migrating all of the data from the site hosted with them (They acknowledge you as the site owner DO own all of the content) that is outside of the theme, and plugins so that will need to be recreated and all of the content (Text, images, etc) will need to be added back. I will also work on optimizing and securing the newly set up site for you, and once this has been completed I will help you point the domain to the new hosting and you should be ready to go!

If this is a service you are looking for please reach out to me by clicking on the button below and we can discuss the details and get started!