🌺 Mother’s Day, LEGO’s and searching for food

Batman LEGO Set
🌺 Mother's Day, LEGO's and searching for food 4

This last weekend was Mother’s Day or as I want to call it “Fixing a flat bike tire, driving around town for all too long, building a giant Batman LEGO set and being gluttonous on the couch binge-watching TV shows”. While that description might not sound so perfect, it was all around great.

Fixing the flat… again.

I can’t even count how many flats I have gotten on my mountain bike since I purchased it, hell I want to say the first week that I had the bike I also had a flat so it’s been a continuing trend that I have sadly gotten used to. Last week I went for a ride, and mind you I only really stick to roads/sidewalks to the whole idea of having a mountain bike is well kind of pointless, but it looks nice at least heh. I had gotten prob about a 1/4 mile from the house and then noticed out of nowhere the rear tires quickly deflating… so I began my walk home resisting the motion of pushing my bike out in front of every passing car.

I ended up getting a new thicker, self-sealing tube at the local Trek shop down the road from me and so far so good, though in the back of my mind I am counting the days until my next flat.

The Lego set

I ran to Target in the morning to pick up some last-minute Mothers day gifts for Nicole with the boys and I had to stroll down the LEGO aisle, I guess its a bad habit from my childhood of always wanting a new LEGO set when I went to the store; so I don’t think I won’t ever check out the new sets when possible.

While quickly looking for the largest most affordable set I came across this Batman set, which took me much longer than I would like to admit to putting together. The instructions that were included were 163 pages long, and there were 10 separate bags of LEGOs in the box. I did enjoy putting it together but kind of regret such a large set as maybe I should have opted to start with something smaller as its been a while since I have put a set together from scratch.

🌺 Mother's Day, LEGO's and searching for food 1
Completed Batman LEGO set

Too much time in the car

I had been craving Olympic Broils chicken tenders and I wanted to surprise Nicole with a burger from Kewpees (Who am I kidding I also wanted to stuff my face with an Olive Burger). So for lunch, I made the trek across town to Olympic Broil, and what do you know they were closed which should already tipped me off that this was going to go nowhere quick.

I ventured to Kewpees only to find they were also close … I am sure you can see where this trend is going.

Figuring on the drive back home I had a few other spots that I could check out, which while they would not be a satisfying as the original idea; I was not going to admit defeat and return empty-handed. So off to the next place.

Driving back from downtown Lansing on Michigan Avenue I thought I should check out the Peoples Kitchen as I was certain they would have a limited Mother’s day menu … nope as you guessed it they were also closed.

Continuing my journey now through East Lansing I remembered my favorite taco truck in the area has recently opened another location that was on my route home, so off I went hoping that this would land success. For anyone that knows me, you know my undying love for tacos. I could literally eat them for every meal, every day of the rest of my life. But of course, they were also closed for the day.

I was starting to admit defeat but while I was just a couple of miles from behind home I saw that the newest Indian restaurant in Okemos had an Open sign lit in their window, though surprising no cars in the parking lot. I took my chances and tried it out, success! I ended up having to wait for 25 minutes to get my food but it was worth every minute by the time I got home as it hit the spot.

And there you are, a look in to the not so exciting perfect mothers day weekend.