WordPress 6.2 - Dolphy

🎷 WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy” Released

Shelby DeNike

While I was out of town having my first “real” vacation in a few years, WordPress decided to release version ...

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⚡ Does my WordPress site need a Caching Plugin?

Shelby DeNike

The answer is maybe!, of course, depends on who you host with, and even then I would probably sway toward ...

NetworkQuality Tool

📶 The hidden network quality tool in macOS Monterey

Shelby DeNike

Usage It seems that Apple has quietly added a new tool in macOS Monterey for measuring your device’s Internet connectivity ...

JPEGmini Pro

🖼️ Optimize images for WordPress

Shelby DeNike

When it comes to optimizing your site there are a few things that should be done, in my book the ...

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⚙️ WordPress : Perfect Setup

Shelby DeNike

With working in the web hosting industry I get a lot of questions on how to minimize load and prevent ...