tacoma hills

Tacoma Hills Lagoon - April 2023 Flood

🌊 Tacoma Hills Lagoon – April 2023 Flood

Shelby DeNike

I finally decided to dig out the drone to capture a shot of the Tacoma Hills lagoon from above before ...

Flooding on April 5th, 2023_ 4

🌊 Flooding in March 2023

Shelby DeNike

So while these pictures are anything but epic, I figured I would snap a few as well as a video ...

Tacoma Hills Luminaries 2021 - 4

πŸ•―οΈ Tacoma Hills Luminaries 2021

Shelby DeNike

I took a few pictures of the annual Luminaires that are set up in the Tacoma Hills neighborhood each year. ...

Lagoon - 1st Freeze - Nov 2021

🧊 First freeze of the season

Shelby DeNike

Woke up on November 23rd, 2021 and noticed that the Lagoon has finally started to freeze. I am interested to ...