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Hardware Internet

Installing speedtest-cli on a USG-PRO-4

I received an email from today Xfinity/Comcast letting me know that they increased my internet speeds, all for free. I ...

NetworkQuality Tool
Apple Internet

The hidden network quality tool in macOS Monterey

Usage It seems that Apple has quietly added a new tool in macOS Monterey for measuring your device’s Internet connectivity ...

Gmail Logo
Internet Technology

Reducing the size of my Gmail account

The other day I noticed I had over 135k emails within my Archive box in Gmail, I logged in to ...

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Apple Internet

Vinegar for Safari

There is a new extension for Safari that aims to help clean up the Youtube viewing experience within Safari, this ...

Pi-Hole Logo
Internet Technology

Force all DNS traffic to Pi-hole on a USG Pro

I was looking for a way to force all DNS queries on my network to be pushed to my Pi-Hole ...

Ubiquiti Install
Technology Hardware Internet

Ubiquiti Home Network Upgrade

For a while now I have been thinking about upgrading my network, and since moving I have been having more ...


Encounter with a Craigslist scammer

So the other day I posted a phone up on Craigslist since I have no use for it at all. ...

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Internet Technology WordPress

WordPress : Perfect Setup

With working in the web hosting industry I get a lot of questions on how to minimize load and prevent ...