🪫 Dead Battery

Well, it finally happened; I shouldn’t say finally, as this is the second time that I have had to change the battery in a 2013 Chevy Silverado since I purchased it, but the timing sucked more this time around.

I got home from work Wednesday, pulled into the driveway like usual, put it in the park, turned off my Bluetooth aux receiver, and turned the ignition off. I know it’s quite the production…

After doing all that, I went inside and grabbed Cole to take him to practice, and when trying to start the truck, it wouldn’t turn over. It tried but didn’t have enough oomph to do so. This then led to a lot of running around since we all had different places to be, so I played the chauffeur for a bit so that I was able to make some calls about a new battery.

Once I picked everyone up and dropped them back off, I was able to go and get the battery, which some places will install for you, but when I inquired about this (My initial plan was to jump my truck and drive it someplace to get the new battery and have them install it so I didn’t have to deal with the drizzle and cold.) they all said no as it would take at least an hour to replace it with my truck. So I brought the battery home and started looking things over as best as possible in the dark, cold, rain… that didn’t get far.

I did come across this video on how to replace it for my truck, and honestly, when I watched it, I thought this had to be a joke based on how adamant the auto stores were about not doing the installation due to how long it would take.

I ended up working from home since I was well without a working vehicle and decided what better time to spend my lunch than installing a new battery in my truck. I got out the 10mm and 13mm sockets, as mentioned in the video, and next thing you know, 14 minutes later, I had replaced the battery. Yes, an entire 14 minutes, not an hour, not more than an hour …. Everything seems to be fine now; I guess we will see tomorrow morning or on my way home from work if I make it back.