🚶How far did I walk in 2023…

man in black jacket and black pants walking on road during daytime

While I know it’s not a huge accomplishment, I am still pretty proud that I have been keeping up my yearly tradition of posting about how much I have walked over the past year (And it seems like each year, I am adding more stats as available.)

And just like how I did this before, once I had the CSV and imported it into Numbers, I created a totals row and used the SUM function to generate the totals for each dataset. Alas, without further ado, here are the results.

Total Steps

Total Flights

Total Miles

6,605 hrs 28m

98.87 miles

97 hrs

Avg Weight
205 lb

Logged Sleep
1182 hrs 43 m

Logged Exercise
105 hrs 13 m

In 2023, I was really bad about tracking my water intake, so I left that out, but I am hoping I can be more on top of that in 2024…. I guess we will see when it comes down to the post in 2025.