🚪 Finally a new door

We placed an order for a new front door back in October 2023 from Home Depot, with the expectations set of 4-6 weeks until it would be delivered and scheduled for installation. They contracted the door installation to Bottoms Up Contracting located in Dewitt, and we were told they would coordinate the installation with us. Once I found out about the company, I started to communicate with them to make sure we could get the soonest possible install date based on the expected delivery.

Sadly, we ran into multiple delays along the way with the door getting to the local Okemos Home Depot, and then when it finally did arrive … it was the wrong door, that is, unless we wanted a brown door with a little bit different styled windows. They were able to get ahold of the door manufacturer and expedite it (I wish they could have asked for that in the first place, but again, I am not the most patient.)

The proper door ended up making its way to the store, and we confirmed our installation date; of course, Michigan being Michigan, the weather took a turn due to a severe storm, so Bottoms Up Contracting reached out, letting us know they would have to reschedule instead of canceling on us the day of so we at least had a spot on the schedule. Getting close! but still seemed so far away.

Fast forward to January 18th, 2024 … the door has been installed, but it is not complete yet as they need to come and complete the inside trim. The door is in place; it opens, closes, and locks! Just celebrating the little things. The installers did a great job (I am no door installer, but they seemed like they had it under control and didn’t seem annoyed I was hovering around watching what they were doing while taking pictures).

Once the weather gets nicer, we will have to look into redoing the outside trim to cover the red paint from the previous door and decide if we are going to use white(Which will lead to redoing trim around the ENTIRE house) or simply making it match the existing tan color.

We have also discussed paint matching the garage doors so they also match the house’s front door, which should bring it all together once said and done.

While it sucked having to wait, it was worth it having a new door in place that is not only much better looking but also energy efficient verse the old door, which was likely the original from when the house was built. Now I just have to be patient enough to wait for the snow to melt so we can get everything else painted and be done with this project.