🖥️ Building a system for a friend.

A friend of mine is looking to get a new machine. He was going to get an all-in-one Sony Vaio, but for $1600, I could build him a way better machine…

Here is what I came up with so far, none of which I have checked for the best prices online yet.

  • ATI All-In-Wonder® 9800 Pro 128MB AGP Video Card (link) – $250-400
  • Not sure of which case I like the Antec, he likes the Lanboy.
  • Antec PlusView 1080AMG PC Tower Case (link) – $159
  • Super Lanboy Aluminum Super Mini Tower Case (link) – $89
  • Athlon XP 3200 (400mhz FSB) – $111
  • Asus A7V600 Motherboard (link) – $55
  • 1GB PC3200 DDR – (link) – $113 or maybe 2 gig for about $348
  • Western Digital 160GB Caviar® 7200 Hard Drive – (link) – $99

💿 Backing up DVD’s on OS X

Here is all the info you need to get a good backup copy of your DVDs.

  • First, get the program called MacTheRipper; once you have that, it will allow you to do a disk copy of your DVD.
  • After the disk copy is completed, you will be left with a folder you created, and there will be all the DVDs. Next, you need to get a program such as DVD2oneX, and from that program, you can select the folder you just created, and it will reencode it all to fit on a DVD-R.
  • Last but not least, once DVD2oneX has done its thing, you will have two folders, an AUDIO_TS and a VIDEO_TS; fire up a copy of Toast and create a DVD Video…

Just drag those directories to Toast and wait for it to burn.