👨‍🦳 Turning 40.

I knew the time would come, and while I was looking forward to it I certainly had my doubts … looking back I always thought people that were 30+ were old as dirt, and well … here I am now, and besides the blood pressure meds that I have to take on a daily basis, I don’t feel as old as I thought I would feel at this age.

I have also been waiting to post this as Nicole said my present was taking a while to ship and I wanted to make sure I gave the proper credit where it was due for anything that I received, and after the 100 days of blogging challenge what is the rush to make a post anyways; well that as well as how busy I have been I have had the time to sit down and write anything.

The Delivery

Nicole let me know a couple of days in advance that it had been shipped and would be out for delivery; they would be providing her a window of time once they secured the delivery date. As you can probably guess, once we got the news I was constantly looking out the window to see if a delivery truck was pulling up. The truck finally arrived, of course about 5 minutes before the window was over, and right before I had to jump on a work call.

Low and behold I received the absolute best birthday gift I could have ever asked for!

The delivery drivers unpacked and set up what I can only say is the best gift I could have ever received, the Herman Miller Eames Lounge chair and ottoman. Needless to say, my jaw is still dragging on the floor as I have wanted this chair for the past 15-20yrs, I have considered purchasing it many times in the past but could never pull the trigger as I always knew that I would likely move in a year somewhere and would have to transport it like it was a priceless piece of art that it is. And in my twenties, and mid 30’s I was nowhere near responsible enough to take on such a task.

I would be lying if I said that after the delivery guys left and I was done hugging and giving kisses to Nicole that I may have shed a few tears of absolute joy, as never once did I think I would actually be the owner of it nor would it have been a gift.

The Chair

👨‍🦳 Turning 40. 1

Not only is this chair one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever sat in, but it is also a piece of art. It comes with a signed certification of authenticity as well as a production date.

It feels odd to me that every time I walk past it I feel the need to rub my hand against it and then stop and admire the pure beauty and craftsmanship of it. Yes I know I am talking about a chair, don’t judge me.

Even more!

To top it all off Nicole even reached out to a handful of my friends, and family to create this awesome Vidhug video for me. This was a great way to get to see them since with the current COVID-19 pandemic, as you know it’s a bit difficult to have get-togethers with friends or family to celebrate birthdays or really just about anything.

Final thoughts

Nicole went above, beyond, and absolutely out of the way to get me the one gift that I have wanted for more or less half of my life now. I am beyond blessed to have such a caring, loving, and considerate partner in life, she is my best friend and we get one another.

I never thought from the first time I set eyes on her in 6th grade that we not only would be sharing our lives together but owning a home together too! I am looking forward to sharing multiple birthdays and experiences forever and always. She is simply amazing and has set the bar very high.

I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday than what Nicole was able to provide to me in these strange times we live in. That being said, with the bar being so high I should start planning her next birthday but not even sure how I will top this!