๐Ÿ‘ฎ What to do in a home break-in?

Well, one thing you should not do is head down the stairs to investigate the sounds when you are half asleep with no plan of attack lol.

Wait what?

So this morning I woke at around 6:20 am to a sound coming from the 1st floor, in my half-asleep state I got up quickly and made my way down the stairs to investigate what this could possibly be, not really thinking anything through or without anything to defend myself โ€ฆ thankfully it was Nicole who had gotten up early to get some work done. And no I woke so quickly I didn’t even notice she was not in bed next to me.

So thankfully again it was nothing, but as I headed back to bed I started to think “What would I have done?“. Clearly, I would likely have not accomplished all that much being half-awake with nothing to defend myself with in case the would-be robber had a weapon on them.

A new plan

Ok well, I wish I had a bullet list of items that were looked into, planned, and set for execution but alas it’s still too early for those thoughts so rather a simple list I came up with and thought I would jot down in hopes that next time I would try to do just this.

  • Make sure Nicole is actually sound asleep next to me
  • Wake Nicole up and let her know what I “think” is going on
  • Rub my eyes so I have a bit more clarity at things around me
  • Look for something to use in defense or as a weapon if needed
  • Take my phone with me, for light, pictures, and calling for help
  • Be a little quiet when going to investigate

Those are really the main things that I came up with the outside of the “It is likely no one robbing us“, but hey better to be safe than sorry next time right?