Father’s Day Weekend 2020

Father's Day Weekend 2020 1
Father's Day Weekend 2020 5

This last weekend was Father’s day; this was certainly one of the best ones that I have had the pleasure of enjoying. Nicole and the kids made it all about me, including breakfast in bed, which helped to start the day off great, something I could get used to. *hint hint*

I wasn’t expecting much in lines of gifts, but I ended up with a back massager which will be useful, as anyone knows me, I am always complaining about back pain. Though sadly, the one that arrived for dead on delivery, so I am waiting for the replacement to ship from Amazon.

On top of that, I also received the meat grinder add-on for the Kitchen Aid mixer that I have been wanting but could never pull the trigger on it. I am looking forward to grinding meat for burgers, meatballs as well as chicken for when I indulge in making a bunch of homemade egg rolls again.

Though the best gift was the Mustang LEGO set, I almost bought it when it first came out, but again was one of those things where I could just never click check out.

After I finished breakfast in bed and decided to finally get on with my lazy day, I sat down at the table and got to work putting this set together. I must admit it was pretty intimidating when I was looking at the box, not to mention once I started reading the directions and seeing the hundreds of steps in the build process. Not only that but this set has 1471 pieces; though in my case only 1470 as this was a first where I had a set that was missing a piece!

*I have emailed LEGO about this as I guess they are pretty good about making good on their sets and will mail me the missing piece.

Fast forward about 5hrs (I did take a break and run to the grocery store for like 30 minutes) and I had completed the basic set; I mention basic as they do include some other pieces if you want to add a spoiler, air dam or a huge engine sticking out of the hood which I chose not to build.

Father's Day Weekend 2020 2
Finished LEGO Mustang Build

This was fun and brought back memories of my youth spending endless hours playing with my giant bin of LEGO’s that I gifted to my nephews a few years back, in hindsight I should tell them it was a loan and I want them all back lol.

On Saturday, we were looking for something to do as the weather was pretty amazing, so we decided to Kayak in downtown Lansing. I was thankful that I rode with Ryan as Nicole had it in for her with Cole. He was showing nothing but absolute terror when the Kayak entered the water, though it was quite laughable, and during the last 5 minutes or so of the excursion, he finally started to enjoy it and was no longer scared.

Father's Day Weekend 2020 3
The look of absolute fear.

And to reiterate it again, I am very thankful for Nicole and the kids making it a day unlike any other. Can’t want to see what she does for me next year 😁