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First snowblow of 2022

First snowblow of 2022

Last night we got a few inches of snow, with more planned for this evening. With that being said I ...

Tacoma Hills Luminaries 2021 - 4

Tacoma Hills Luminaries 2021

I took a few pictures of the annual Luminaires that are set up in the Tacoma Hills neighborhood each year. ...

Henckels Knives
Food Life

Henckels International Definition Knives

I have had an assortment of random knives for a while now, some on the cheaper end while also having ...


I now have glasses…

I figured it was only going to be a matter of time until I would eventually need glasses, though I ...

Deck Railing

Building a railing

So this is likely to be up there with one of the least exciting posts I could possibly come up ...

Plex Wrapped
Movies Technology

Plex Wrapped

This app was pointed out to me as a way to mimic the Spotify Wrapped thing that they do every ...

Christmas Lights

Call me Clark.

This morning I spent a few hours putting up Christmas lights, as I was doing so it dawned on me ...

MacBook Pro

100 days of blogging challenge, let’s give this a try again…

So the 100 days of blogging challenge is starting again, today on December 1st, 2021. Last year I did alright ...

Lagoon - 1st Freeze - Nov 2021

First freeze of the season

Woke up on November 23rd, 2021 and noticed that the Lagoon has finally started to freeze. I am interested to ...


Chilaquiles Recipe

While I hate to admit it, I came across a picture of this dish while randomly browsing Instagram one evening. ...


Rest in Peace Beyonce

Sadly on Monday, May 3rd, we had to put our Beyonce, or as I only called her Bebe to rest ...

Birria Tacos

The search for Birria tacos

As many of you know if it came down to it I would choose to live off of Mexican food ...