👨‍🍳 Mela Recipe Manager

I was recently looking into an issue with Reeder App not downloading new RSS feeds (Which in the end was an issue with my network, not the app.) and while doing so I saw that Silvio Rizzi the developer behind Reeder had created Mela a Recipe Manager for iOS, so of course, based on my previous experience with the wonderful Reeder App I had to give it a try.

Mela has both an iOS and a macOS version of the app, rather than jump in using just one I figured why not just grab them both so I have fewer boundaries when it comes to using the app.

Initial thoughts

Upon installing both the iOS and macOS versions of the app I have to say the UI is done very well. It’s clean, and to the point and nothing is hidden in places you wouldn’t expect which is not common with most apps.

I am by no means looking to cover every aspect of Mela itself but rather just looking to point out how nice it makes the recipes that are stored on your device, which you can not only manually add them but it has a built-in browser where you can input a URL to a recipe/site and it will parse and import the recipe to the app automatically for you with all of the steps, ingredients, and pictures associated with the recipe as well as it creates a grocery list of all the ingredients!

Below are a few images of a recipe that I imported from my own site using the built-in browser in Mela


For anyone that has a lot of recipes and would like a nice way to store them, I would recommend Mela as it makes it easy, and allows you to even share recipes with friends and family if you are on iOS15. And if you are not one for storing your own recipes, it takes a note from the Reeder App and allows you to import recipes from RSS feeds from any site of your choosing.