🍉 MiO is a new addiction

It was recently mentioned that I needed to up my water intake on a daily basis, sadly I really just don’t care for water at all. It’s boring.

But it was suggested that I try some water flavoring kind of thing, so when I was at the local grocery store I decided to pick up some MiOLiquid Water Enhancer“. … what started as a single flavor ended up evolving into so far a total of 6 different flavors sitting on my desk.

Now mind you it looks to contain literally little to no healthy or non-healthy benefits other than adding flavor, which I guess I am cool with. Again I haven’t jumped down the internet rabbit hole searching for facts about MiO and how it likely causes cancer or bleeding of the brain, so until then I guess I will be consuming more water!

Also in terms of caffeine, each half-teaspoon serving of MiO releases 60 milligrams of caffeine This amounts to a six-ounce cup of coffee. Depending on the type of coffee and how it is made, that six-ounce cup might contain twice as much caffeine as one serving of MiO Energy