🐶 Rest in Peace Beyonce

Sadly on Monday, May 3rd, we had to put our Beyonce, or as I only called her Bebe to rest due to health issues. She was quickly deteriorating and after an emergency vet visit on Saturday night, we knew there was nothing else we could do for her, and didn’t want her to suffer any longer.

I had never personally had to deal with having to make the call, and witness a loved family member being put to rest but I can certainly say I am not looking to go through it ever again, even knowing it was for the best and she is better off now.

Sunday we spent as much time as we could with her letting her do her own thing, praising her for being a good girl, and sitting with her on the floor or couch or wherever she was comfortable for that matter. We spoiled her with meals other than just that boring dog food and bought her treats and the whole nine yards. That evening we had her sleep in our room so she could be near us as we knew this would be our last night with her.

When Monday came we continued to shower her with love and spend every moment with her that we possibly could as we knew later in the afternoon we would be saying our final goodbyes. When the time was upon us we held her close and placed her to rest on her blanket. Nicole and I shed many tears and continued to pet her for some time after she was gone.

It saddens me to look back at all the times I was annoyed with her begging, or the taping of her nails on the hardwood floors like she was performing Riverdance when she was running from door to window and back again looking for something to bark at. Those are now times that I see I took for granted, and rather should have further embraced her charismatic personality that I so dearly miss now.

Bebe and I
Bebe and I

While I only had a few years with Bebe, they were filled with good times and great memories making me wish that I had just one more day with her. Make sure to go hug your dog as you never know when you won’t hear their bark again.